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Meet the Team

Sarah Morreim Photography & Video offers the expertise of three women with decades of professional experience in film and photography/media production. We offer upscale yet affordable customized production services. Key to our success is fostering a thoughtful collaboration with our clients to create premium-quality videos.

What makes us different from other production companies?

  • (1) We COMMUNICATE; we ask the right questions and listen carefully to our clients;
  • (2) We VALUE careful attention to details…from pre-production through filming to post-production;
  • (3) We are SENSITIVE to our on-camera subjects' needs both before filming and on set.
  • (4) We offer ADD-ON SERVICES other production companies don’t, including scriptwriting, headshots, performance coaching and more!

We’ve assembled a talented pool of cinematographers, editors and sound crew to professionally capture your video that will work within your budget. It’s important to note that true to our mission, we work primarily with other women.

Rest assured, we’ll bring together the best possible team for your custom project!

Sarah Morreim (Producer, Director, Photographer)

Sarah Morreim Photography

My extensive education and more than two decades of experience in photography, film, and communications give me an edge that translates into exceptional photography and video.

Expert technical skills and a keen understanding of people are needed to capture a client’s unique attributes, brand, and story. I have both - and it gets my clients noticed.

Working with talent on film sets and training with acting coaches has given me additional tools to draw out a client’s feelings and help him/her feel comfortable, confident and in the moment during a shoot.

I've written and directed short films that have been screened in festivals across North America including the Burbank International Film Festival, the Iowa Independent Film Festival, and the Minneapolis, St. Paul International Film Festival. My latest narrative script, “My First Funeral,” won Best Comedy Short at the Salty Earth Film Festival in 2019.

In 2006, I co-founded the nonprofit, Story Board, which provided educational programs for high school student filmmakers and support for independent film in the Twin Cities.

I am a founding member of Minnesota Women in Film and Television.

Cynthia Uhrich (Producer, Director, Writer, Acting Coach)

Cynthia Uhrich

In 2012 I founded In The Moment Productions, a nonprofit that creates filmmaking opportunities for women in front of, and behind the camera. I write scripts and produce and direct short films. My movies have been selected and awarded in festivals across the U.S. I’ve won or placed in screenwriting competitions, most notably: Twin Cities’ “Script Madness” (Winner) “Under_Score Productions Screenwriting Competition” (five screenplays placed 1st), Nashville Film Festival and Sedona International Film Festival for “White Feather” (Quarter-Finalist) and I won Best Short Screenplay Cinema Worldfest’s competition for “Cora’s Cookies.” Author Susan Thurston selected me to write the hour-long pilot screenplay adaptation of her award-winning novel “Sister of Grendel” (completed May 2023.)

I co-authored “My Life in the Purple Kingdom” a novel about Mark Brown’s time with Prince’s band The Revolution, published by University of Minnesota Press in 2020. I’ve also been published by Smith & Kraus and Freshwater Press.

I taught acting for 16 years, facilitated a Women’s Writing Retreat for 10 years, and was a casting director for various films and commercials. I was a board member of Minnesota’s chapter of Women in Film & Television. I worked in Los Angeles as a union actor for eight years in my 30’s. Altogether, I have 35+ years of professional experience in the entertainment business. I live in Arizona with Zipper de la Croix…fancy name for the tabby cat I rescued from a dumpster in downtown St. Paul.

Taylor Mills

Taylor Mills

Taylor Mills has five years of hands-on experience in event videography and has honed her skills in such a way that she is able to capture the heart and soul of any occasion she films. Taylor has the unique ability to preserve moments to tell a powerful visual story that stays with the viewer.

Andrea Bussey

Andrea Bussey

Andrea Bussey is a seasoned video professional with a decade of experience in crafting compelling visual stories for business. She possesses a comprehensive skill set that includes cinematography, editing, and producing and is adept at delivering on diverse storytelling requests with clients ranging from nonprofits to large-scale businesses. Andrea has receive an Upper Midwest Emmy award for her exemplary work with Twin Cities PBS.

Lane Peterson

Lane Peterson

Lane Peterson has a degree in digital media production enhanced by an eight-year background working in the areas of cinematography and audio for live news broadcasts. His in-studio work enabled him to refine his broadcast communication skills, and in 2021 he became a fulltime freelancer making wedding films, music videos and marketing materials for clients in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Hawaii.

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